We are just passing by…..

Some years ago I watched a movie in which there was a scene where a group of family and friends of different generations gathered to have lunch together somewhere on a Greek island. The conversation was centred on love and relationships and someone asked the old woman how she had met with her late husband and about their life together.

She spoke with great love about her deceased husband and shared memories of their life together that made it clear that it had been a very happy marriage and that they had been true soul mates for life.

After she finished, someone asked her how she managed to cope with the loss and to continue living without her husband. The woman’s answer to that question was “We are just passing through” meaning that life is short, and we know that we will only be here fore a brief moment of time when the purpose is to enjoy and to experience life as much and as intensely as possible. Love is the greatest gift of life but loss and grief are also part of life and all we can do is to accept the existential conditions that we all have to adhere to.

A happy life is to indulge in life, to live fully but to learn to accept death and loss as a natural part of it. It’s when we manage to do that that we become less afraid, have less worry and less stress. It´s about not taking ourselves or our life too seriously and to think of our life as the waves of the ocean. Whether we are here or not, their rhythm is endless and they will continue in the same way as if nothing happened even after we are gone. It is nothing we can change and thus nothing to be upset or worried about. It´s life.

The reason I think about this now during summer and vacation time is that this simple phrase “We are just passing by” is a great reminder to relax and to take it easy, not to worry or to stress so much. Our everyday concerns are maybe not so serious after all and far less important than we may think at first. So relax, enjoy and listen to the waves with no beginning and no end, just pure movement beyond time and space – and let the contemplation calm your soul.

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  1. Jan says:

    Klokt sagt. En annan aspekt på detta tema är för den som förlorat en livskamrat att försöka fortsätta leva på samma sätt som tidigare….


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